Guidelines for Position Review Requests

Managerial/Professional and Office/Service Positions

Guidelines for evaluating new positions and review requests for current Managerial/Professional and Office/Service positions

These guidelines outline the procedures for requesting new or review of current Managerial/Professional and/or Office/Service positions within your department. All inquiries regarding the process should be directed to the Human Resources Office.

  • Requesting a New Position or the Review of a current position: The employee's Department Head, Dean or Director must initiate the request for a new position or the review of a current Managerial/Professional and/or Office/Service position by contacting the Human Resources Office.
  • Position Questionnaire for Managerial/Professional and/or Office/Service positions: Upon receipt of a new classification or review request, the Human Resources Office will send the Department Head, Dean or Director the Position Questionnaire.
  • Completion of the Questionnaire: The Department Head, Dean or Director should complete the questionnaire by defining the job responsibilities of the new position or meet with the employee requesting a review and ask them to complete the questionnaire. The employee should respond to each question by defining their current job responsibilities.
  • Initial review of the Position Questionnaire and identification of funding for reclassification by Department Head: The employee should return the completed questionnaire to the Department Head, Dean or Director. The Department Head, Dean or Director should discuss the questionnaire with the employee to identify problems or correct information. The Department is responsible for identifying the source of funding required to support a new position or the request for a change in salary for a current position. The Department Head, Dean or Director should approve the request and forward the Position Questionnaire to the Human Resources Office.
  • A Classification Evaluation will be done by the Human Resources Office: The approved Position Questionnaire and justification for the new position or the review request will be reviewed by the Human Resources Office. All requests are evaluated using the appropriate University Classification Evaluation instrument. All questions relative to the Questionnaire will be discussed with the Department Head, Dean or Director.
  • Budget review of available funding: When the appropriate University Job Classification is identified, the new position or review request is copied to the Budget Office. The Budget Office monitors the availability of department funding to support the new position or the reclassification request.
  • Effective date of requests: Approved requests for new and/or review of current positions will become effective the first pay period following the action. Salary increases are limited to two times per year. For more information see NU Values.

Last Update: 11/09