Guidelines for Temporary Appointments

Regular Academic/Nonacademic Professional Positions - April 1996

Temporary appointments to regular academic/nonacademic professional positions shall be for a term of employment of not more than twelve months. If the intention is to renew the appointment indefinitely, the Hiring Guidelines for Regular Academic/Nonacademic Professional Positions should be followed rather than these procedures.

Step 1: The immediate supervisor for the position vacancy shall complete and submit for approval the Personnel Requisition form.

The "Comments" section on the back of the Personnel Requisition form shall include the following statements:
  1. "The (position title) position vacancy will be filled with a temporary appointment for a term of (number) months beginning (date) and ending (date.)"
  2. Indicate the intent of the department relative to a search to fill the position with a regular appointment.
  3. Other statements, as needed, pertinent to the position vacancy.

Step 2: After the approved forms have been returned, the hiring department may then proceed to select a candidate to fill the position. The selection process may be conducted in part by a search committee or may be conducted solely by the immediate supervisor for the position.

Consistent with timing and other considerations, temporary positions may be advertised on campus and regionally in a minimum of two sources, remaining open for a period of 15 days or more from the initial date of advertising in a regional publication. Advertising sources and timelines may be identified by the hiring department. The AA/EO Office will assist the department in formulating the advertisement and position announcement.

Step 3: The immediate supervisor of the position shall submit the Recruitment Report, identifying the candidate selected for appointment, and forward the form to the appropriate Dean, Director, or Vice Chancellor for approval prior to formal offer of appointment.

The question "Was the Recruitment Plan followed?" and "Number of candidates on shortlist" may be answered "N/A" (not applicable.)

Note: In cases where a temporary appointment is renewed for one additional term, the immediate supervisor of the position must file a memo prior to reappointment 1) stating the intent of the department relative to filling the position with a regular appointment and 2) describing the search conducted to fill the position. The memo must be filed with the appropriate Dean or Director and Vice Chancellor with copies to the Budget Office, Human Resources Office, and AA/EO Office.

Last Update: 2/98