Academic Record System

Beginning with the Fall 1990 semester, student transcripts moved to a computerized Student Information System. Students who attended prior to Fall 1990 may have a record consisting of two separate formats, the former permanent record sheet and a computerized record.

Student records are maintained at various locations across campus. Offices maintaining records include the following:

Office of University Registrar – Records and documents pertaining to a student’s academic progress.

Undergraduate Admissions – Records and documents pertaining to the admission process.

Financial Aid – Records and documents pertaining to scholarships and financial aid including applications, supporting data and awards.

Finance Office – Records and documents pertaining to receipt and/or refund of tuition and fees.

Academic Advising and Career Development - Records relating to changes in programs of study and academic advisors.

Individual offices such as Counseling and Health Care and Police and Parking Services maintain records that relate to student activity in their specific area.