Counseling Care

Counseling Care

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Welcome to college!

Coming to UNK is one of the first transitions young adults will face. Students and parents may be feeling both excited and apprehensive about this change. Whether the student lives at home or moves away to attend UNK, the move represents an emotional separation for both parents and child. Click here to view some helpful tips. Our counselors are trained to help you make a smooth transition into adulthood. The right help at the right time can prevent problems from snowballing. Stay UNK and to each other.

Welcome to your home away from home!

FREE Online Mental Health Screening - A short, anonymous screening to determine in a few minutes whether or not a professional consultation with our staff would be helpful to you.

Counseling Care is a mental health clinic that offers confidential personal counseling to students. Students taking seven or more credit hours per semester on-campus automatically pay the Counseling & Health fee, making them eligible for Counseling & Health Care visits. Students enrolled in less than seven credit hours can opt-in by paying the semester CHC fee.  In addition to personal counseling, our office offers Alcohol and Drug Counseling provided by qualified licensed therapists who have completed all the State of Nebraska requirements to provide court-ordered Drug and Alcohol counseling services. There may be additional fees for those services.