Social Security Number Elimination Policy

Faculty, Students and Staff--

The University of Nebraska at Kearney is the custodian of confidential data for students and employees and we acknowledge our responsibility to secure confidential data for the protection of our constituents. We assign to students and employees the NU-ID, a number designed to replace the Social Security Number as a unique identifier.

The University of Nebraska at Kearney will not use Social Security Numbers to identify students, employees, or other persons with a UNK relationship, except for those uses required by law, such as payroll, benefits, and financial aid. Social Security Numbers can be used to obtain non-public information, such as employment, credit, financial, health, motor vehicle, and educational information that would be harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. Our goal is to prevent unauthorized use of or access to confidential data and Social Security Numbers.

Neither the Social Security Number nor any portion of the Social Security Number will be collected, stored, or transmitted by university services or using university-owned equipment unless its use is authorized in writing by officials designated by the Chancellor. Departments or individuals who are authorized to collect, store, or transmit Social Security Numbers will follow guidelines to secure such data as established by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology.

Failure to comply with this policy after January 1, 2008, may result in disciplinary action by the University.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Douglas A. Kristensen, Chancellor