FAQ NUID (For Faculty)

Am I still permitted to use SSNs in email correspondence with students or other faculty?

Any transmission of data containing SSNs by UNK faculty or staff over any communication network, including emails, must be transmitted through encrypted mechanisms. If you absolutely must email an SSN make sure you encrypt the email message. Generally, most UNK faculty and staff will not need to email any Social Security Numbers and it should be avoided. Contact ITS for more information if you need to transmit SSNs electronically.

Am I permitted to use NUIDs in email correspondence with students or other faculty and staff?

Yes. The NUID can be used in encrypted email correspondence with students or other faculty. It is a best practice to encrypt the NUID whenever you transmit it. The NUID is protected under FERPA and is not considered Directory Information. See the FERPA information on the Student Records page for more information

Will my SSN and the SSNs of my students be listed on grade lists?

Only the NUID will be listed.

Can I post grades using the NUID?

You cannot use the full NUID or any portion of the NUID to post grades. As an alternative, you can use Blackboard for posting grades.

I have student records that list SSNs. What should I do with these records?

Review the documents and shred all unnecessary files, email messages, or documents containing the SSN. If you need to hold on to particular paper files that include the SSN, you must safeguard them in a locked cabinet or secure office. All necessary electronic files (spreadsheets, databases) containing SSNs must be converted to NUIDs unless your use of the SSN is approved by the Chancellor. For conversion information contact:

Andrea Childress

Are there any circumstances in which I would need to use a student's SSN?

Use of the SSN is now greatly restricted and requires the approval of the Chancellor. Review UNK's policy and procedures for usage of SSN's.

Will UNK update its systems, forms, and procedures to adopt the new NUID?

Yes. The NUID is the new identifier that UNK will use as the primary key for tracking students, employees and anyone affiliated with the University. The NUID will be an eight digit number that is not related to or derived from the Social Security Number.