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The Undergraduate Course Catalog will serve as a reference for you during the beginning weeks at the UNK and throughout your university career. We hope the information contained within this catalog will provide answers to your questions about the University; if not, the faculty, administration and staff are always available to answer questions personally. View a list of Undergraduate Catalogs, then click your catalog year to view the appropriate catalog. View career possibilities, alumni stories and four year academic plans for various majors at UNK.

Assigning Advisors

All students at UNK are assigned an academic advisor in the department of their major to work with as they proceed through their academic program. New students are assigned an advisor early in their first semester. Students not declaring a major will be advised through the Academic Advising and Career Development office, or work with another staff or faculty advisor who primarily advises "Deciding" students.

Advisors are initially assigned based on the needs and preferences of the academic department. As students become familiar with their academic program and faculty members, they may request an advisor of their choice.