The World Awaits - Getting Started is Easy

University of Nebraska at Kearney students can participate in an international experience in many countries across the world. Programs range in length from one week to a full year. Regardless of the field you choose to study, a program is available for you and class credit will transfer to the UNK curriculum if you plan carefully with your academic advisor prior to departure. By careful planning, you can also ensure that this life-changing experience does not result in a financial burden. The Study Abroad Office is ready to help you choose a program and get applied. We've got tips and resources for everything from getting your passport to packing your suitcase!

Making the Choice If and How to Study Abroad - Questions to Consider
Use these resources to assist in the decision-making process as you choose the best opportunity for your study abroad experience.

Study Abroad Handbooks

Enrollment Verification
Directions on how to download your enrollment certificate through MyBlue. Enrollment certificates are required to demonstrate your eligibility to study abroad.

Travel Documents
Learn how to obtain your passport, visa, or any other travel document needed to travel abroad.

Health, Insurance, & Emergencies

Additional Resources
Find helpful resources such as: checklists, packing tips, communication strategies, and more!

For Parents

Registering For Classes
Students planning to earn credit during their study abroad experience must be enrolled in credit at UNK during the term(s) they are abroad. Learn how to earn credit during your study abroad experience.