Required Study Abroad Insurance

Regardless of your health insurance coverage in the United States, it is necessary to have additional insurance overseas for the duration of your travels. This ensures that you will have logistical and financial support in the event of a medical incident abroad.

All University sponsored programs (faculty-led, exchange, MAUI-Utrecht, direct enroll, etc.) require you to enroll in our AIG / National Union Fire Insurance Company travel insurance through the UNK Study Abroad Office.  This requirement includes all programs organized by any UNK Department or Program which include any international travel.  

The UNK AIG travel insurance policy is designed to cover the cost of unexpected accidents and illnesses a student may experience while traveling abroad. Traditional medical insurance may not cover medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, transportation, or repatriation expenses while the insured is abroad, which is why the additional AIG coverage is so important. AIG provides a high level of emergency assistance services and support as well pre-departure information to help prepare students for safe travel abroad. AIG coverage does not replace traditional medical insurance. Do not discontinue medical insurance while abroad. The cost is approximately $1.55 per day for all program and sojourn international travel. 
Students who are planning to travel outside the United States should contact the Study Abroad Office in advance of their international travel, in order to purchase AIG/ National Union Fire Insurance Company Insurance.  Students are required to purchase insurance to cover all University-sponsored travel days.  Students are strongly encourage to purchase additional insurance to cover any international sojourn travel planned before and/or after the UNK program.   

If you have any additional questions regarding coverage or enrollment, please contact UNK Study Abroad.