Dr. Gui Jie Zhang

Chinese Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

Office: WSTC 261W   |    Phone: (308) 865-8836   |    Email: zhangg1@unk.edu

Dr. Gui Jie Zhang


Dr. Gui Jie Zhang began her career at the University of Nebraska Kearney (UNK) in 2005. She is currently the Chinese Recruitment and Retention Coordinator for the Office of International Education. She works with the Chinese Ministry of Education, China Center for International Education Exchange, and other Chinese Universities and high schools to develop programs for Chinese students to study at UNK. Dr. Zhang is the advisor for all current and future Chinese students at UNK. This role includes working with probation and early alert students and working with students on mid-term advising. Her number one goal is to help her students in any way possible; she really does go above and beyond for her students!

Dr. Zhang is an artist in her spare time. During the 90’s her artwork was being displayed in solo exhibitions in several countries including the US, Holland, Norway, and Australia. At present time, some of her art is being displayed in the international department offices. Additionally, she is also a very talented and published writer with over 49 different novel publications. In 1989, one of her writings was awarded the short fiction literature top award. Her latest novel written in both Chinese and English is titled, The Wandering White Horse, which has been compiled into a stage play. This stage play will be performed at the National Theater in Taichung, Taiwan in December 2020.