1st Gen Lopers

Did you know that 4 in 10 UNK students are first generation? A first generation student is one whose parents have not completed a bachelor's degree. It can be daunting for first-gen students to navigate their way through school, but you are not alone. Many UNK faculty and staff were also among the first in their families to complete a degree, and we are here to support you. Together let's break down boundaries, help you connect and thrive on campus, and finish your degree to launch a successful career.

A First Generation leadership team was established to keep a spotlight on these key messages, create opportunities for networking, promote first generation initiatives and share stories across campus and beyond.


Be First. Be Proud.

Academic Trophy

It's a Milestone

Change the direction of your life and future generations of your family.


Higher Income

Over a lifetime, bachelor degree holders earn $1 Million more than those with a high school diploma.*


More Opportunities

By 2028, there will be 19 Million jobs unfilled due to the lack of educated workers to fill them.*

*U.S. Dept of Labor and U.S. Dept of Education