Develop, Recruit, Engage, and Motivate

UNK is introducing a new program inviting alumni, faculty, staff, community members and other constituents to join the recruitment effort. Equipped with detailed instructions and a tool kit of materials, you can help encourage new students to choose the Loper life.

student with phone in hand talking with alumni

Be a Social Influencer

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Be Vocal

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Be Connected

Ways You Can Help

The community of Loper alumni and constituents are an integral part of our success. Students often connect with alumni for internships, job opportunities, mentoring, networking and more.

Now, we’re adding “influencer” to your role. You can help us grow through your outreach efforts to prospective students. You will paint the region blue and gold and shine a bright spotlight on the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Yusuke Nogi

"One of my favorite things about UNK is that they not only offer in class learning, but grant opportunities to apply what you've learned to a real business setting. I joined ENACTUS and became a manager of a student governed coffee shop on campus when I was a sophomore. I learned how to facilitate relationships with suppliers, make financial decisions, deal with HR issues, and come up with business strategies. The skills I gained at UNK have tremendously helped me at my current job as a Purchasing Administrator. I truly believe that UNK is one of the best schools that prepares students to become a successful business professional straight out of college."

Yusuke Nogi

Purchasing Administrator
F and P America Mfg.

D.R.E.A.M. Team FAQ

  • Who can join the DREAM Team?
  • Why should I join the DREAM Team?
  • How much time will be expected from me?
  • How do I find prospective students?
  • How should I reach out to students?
  • What should I say about UNK?
  • How can I promote UNK on social media?
  • Can I do something on campus?
  • How can I promote UNK in a more public way?
  • How can I use my career field or industry?
  • What else can I do?
  • How can I encourage current UNK students?
  • What is the best way to stay current with UNK news and events?