Living Learning Communities allow students with similar interests, scholarships, or majors to live on a dedicated floor in a residence hall, participating in programs that support their academic, social, and personal needs. Students form strong friendships, build campus connections, and help each other achieve academic success.

The Loper Democracy Project is open to all majors. Here, you’ll live and work with others who share your passion for leadership and for building stronger, more inclusive communities. Choose this Living Learning Community to develop the knowledge and skills you’ll need to foster positive change.

Note: Application for membership due by March 31.

a student speaks at the Hispanic heritage month celebration

Why Join LDP

  • Take classes with others who want to be leaders in their communities
  • Meet the people who “get things done” in Nebraska communities and learn their secrets for success
  • Apply your talents to organizations and causes you care about
  • Broaden your horizons through optional spring-break educational travel
students study together in discovery hall

Living Learning Communities

  • Meet people who share your interests on day one
  • Learn with a ready-made study group enrolled in the same course sections
  • Gain additional support from a peer mentor involved in your community and guiding your transition to college

Learn more about Communities

This community is sponsored by the American Democracy Project, the College of Education, and the Departments of English and Political Science.