American Democracy Project


The purpose of the American Democracy Project (ADP) at UNK is to promote both civic and political engagement among students, providing opportunities across campus for individuals to be involved in the democratic community through volunteering, advocacy, voting, and service learning.

The American Democracy Project is a national program gaining momentum on university campuses. The American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) sponsors the program, in partnership with The New York Times.

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Upcoming Events

UNK Talks

Win $500 at UNK Talks

Similar to TED Talks, The American Democracy Project is pleased to announce the availability of funds dedicated to supporting UNK students willing to share their thoughts on topics related to civic engagement.  The goal of the American Democracy Project is to produce graduates who are committed to being globally informed and involved.

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Recent Activity

Thanks to UNK American Democracy Project partners and supporters, a guest speaker wrote an article mentioning UNK in the international Arctic Journal.

Our pilot "UNK Talks" event was nationally recognized in the Campus Spotlight section of the ADP monthly newsletter and was covered in an article by UNK Communications.  ADP Committee members representing the "First Year" program also received good press coverage as Aaron's winning "Talk" received top honors.

The UNK American Democracy Project hosted an Election Information Forum: An Overview of Non-Presidential Ballot Issues & Candidates

Regional Issues Forum Handout

Representatives from the Buffalo County Democratic and Republican Parties gave an overview of the candidates appearing on most central Nebraska ballot tickets. The focus was on regional and state contested ballot items (i.e. not items with only one choice of candidates).  The event informed voters about regional races that have not received as much media attention.

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Shawn Kaskie, Coordinator