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Political Science is the study of politics at the local, state, national and international levels. We strive to help our students better understand their community and the world around them, as well as provide them with opportunities and experiences that will empower them to become more active, informed and engaged citizens. Within our department, we prioritize three key areas: community, experiential learning and scholarship.

Community. We offer an inclusive, welcoming environment in which our students are encouraged to socialize with each other, learn together and support one another, both inside and outside our department because we know that this will likely lead students to become better citizens within their communities.

Experiential Learning. We recognize the importance and value of learning outside the classroom. These opportunities not only enhance and reinforce what students have learned in the classroom, but they also provide students with practical experience, networking opportunities and greater clarity about what they might want to do upon graduation.

Scholarship. We offer seminar-style courses (15-20 students per class) that allow for discussion-based learning as well as extensive one-on-one interactions between students and faculty. Our focus is on helping our students better develop their reading, writing and critical thinking skills, which will lead to more career opportunities and a greater chance for success following graduation.

Beyond the Classroom

students in front of political art

The Global Peace and Reconciliation Initiative

image of students at model United Nations event listening to a speaker

Model United Nations

students in havana cuba

Field Study Courses

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Undergraduate Research

UNK students participating in project to support Ukrainian refugees

Student Organizations

In the News

Braydon Conell
The small size and the amount of opportunities in the department was why I chose UNK. I was offered a chance to conduct undergraduate research starting my very first semester, and I attended the MPSA Conference in Chicago. This program expanded my knowledge of research, and the amount of ideas at MPSA was inspiring. I am truly excited to see where my education in this department will take me.

Braydon Conell

Political Science