Internship & Job Shadowing Opportunities


Internships allow students to "test drive" their career before they graduate, so that they can be certain that they will find a good fit in their workplace and with what a job entails.

Moreover, students are motivated when they see the relevance of what they are learning. This increases student's drive, enriches their educational experiences, and helps provide the building blocks to a great resume.

Internships can be set up in various ways. Some are offered in the summer, some on evenings or weekends or during part of the school day. These internships can last a few weeks or more than a year. Most engineering internships are paid. With job shadowing, students typically spend a few hours or a full day on a job site to learn about a profession.

Once your internship or job shadowing opportunity is completed, complete an exit survey.

Engineer a world of difference.

Interested in supplementing your engineering education by job shadowing or an internship? The first step you need to take is to fill out our Student Interest Form.

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Engineer the future of your company.

When you provide an internship or job shadowing opportunity to a bright, young student who has chosen to begin their engineering degree at UNK, you are working to build a better future for engineering in the central-western Nebraska region while providing a valuable educational experience for a intelligent, motivated future engineer.

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