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About the Music Performance - Instrumental Degree Program

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The Music Performance program is designed to permit students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney to develop a high level of skill in instrumental performance, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Music in Performance. Because of the nature of this professional objective, the student entering this program must demonstrate outstanding musical abilities in an orchestral or band instrument. Students enrolled in this comprehensive degree program will enjoy an opportunity to study performance with outstanding musicians, and will have an opportunity to broaden their understanding through a strong liberal arts curriculum. The Performance major will appear in student recitals and give full-length junior and senior recitals.

Career Opportunities with this degree

  • Professional and church ensembles
  • Military ensembles
  • Music teacher
Michael Sindt

“Every year I was part of the music program I grew in knowledge and as an individual. Leadership opportunities presented themselves as I progressed to my senior year that helped build the skills I needed. I liked that the faculty were down to earth and my peers were fun to be around. We were our own little community and I felt I was a part of it.”

Michael Sindt

Pierce Public Schools, Pierce, NE