Sports Medicine is a fast-growing healthcare field that deals with the prevention and care of sport-related injuries and medical conditions as well as physical fitness. Sports medicine healthcare providers help physically active patients of all ages and athletic levels to improve their performance and prevent and treat illness and injuries.

This healthcare field encompasses a variety of careers and professionals including athletic trainers, physicians, physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, emergency medical responders, chiropractor, exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning specialists, dietitians, sports psychologists, and many other allied health professionals.

Why pursue a Sports Medicine career?

Sports medicine healthcare professionals provide care to anyone who sustains injuries or illnesses from physical activity, not just traditional athletes. Due to the variety of medical positions, the sports medicine field allows you to choose a career path based on the types of patients you want to treat as well as what environment you want to work in (i.e. working with the athletic/sports teams, working in the hospital/clinic, and more).

Suggested Sports Medicine Academic Pathways by Career

* Students who are interested in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, Physician, Osteopathic Medicine, Chiropractor, or other medical professions are NOT required to have the Master of Athletic Training degree prior to their professional schools. However, you may receive enriched hands-on patient care and top-notch Sports Medicine experience in the Master of Athletic Training at UNK to enhance your clinical practice in the future career.

**Each professional school requires their own unique pre-requisite courses to be considered their admission. Please see each program guidelines

Academic Background FAQ