Program Description

The Honors Program is designed to empower high-ability students to control the nature and pace of their learning and development. We work to impart to students the notion that coursework provides the foundation of their learning, but many abilities grow in less structured settings. These include critical thinking, communication, and self-direction. Other important traits, such as engagement, interpersonal skills, efficacy, and personal values also grow in extra-curricular activities. Together, the curriculum and extra-curriculum—what we call the Pillars of the Honors Program—are intended to most effectively develop the whole person and prepare them for fulfilling careers and lives.

Honors Program Requirements

Honors students must fulfill three Tiers to complete the Honors Program. Transfer students, 2-year program students and walk-on Honors students may follow an auxiliary structure designed just for them.

Tier 1: Honors General Studies Courses

Students in the Honors Program take one (1) Honors Program General Studies course their first semester with their Honors peers. Honors students choose from a variety of Honors offerings designed to fit the Loper general studies requirements that are for Honors students only. The instructors for these Honors general studies are among UNK's best; and the classes are designed to be interactive. Instructors, knowing that Honors students come to class prepared and eager to participate, are able to structure the course and lectures in a way that increases critical thinking and engagement. 

After completion of one Honors general studies course, Tier 1 is considered complete.

Tier 2: Choose between Honors General Studies and Pathway Projects 

Students in the Honors Program complete two (2) requirements in Tier 2. Students can choose between Honors general studies courses and a pathway project. Because Honors student typically come in with transfer credits, the pathway projects are offered as alternatives to completing the Honors general studies courses. These pathway projects are individualized to the student and roughly consists of selecting a project that involves Honors service, community service, or job shadowing.

Tier 3: Honors Options (H-options) 

Students in the Honors Program are required to complete three (3) upper-level Honors Option. These "H-options" can be completed through customizing courses within a student's major or minor or can be completed through individualized research and creative activity projects, community service projects and leadership projects. The purpose of H-option courses is to allow the student to individualize their pathway through Honors to get more out of their experiences, to work more closely with a faculty member on scholarly work in their field, and to gain some control over their learning.

Honors Reflection

Each Honors student must reflect and submit their Honors Reflection to the Honors Program prior to graduation. This project is designed so that the Honors student can think back on their experiences gained in the Program and submit a piece that can be used moving forward in their career pathway.