Honors Halls

The UNK Honors Program has offered Honors residence hall living since 1995. Today, there are two Honors Halls offering Honors living communities: Men’s Hall and Randall Hall, 1st floor.

Men's Hall, built in 1938 in the Art Deco style, was remodeled for modern amenities in the summer of 2010, and now houses nearly 140 Honors students. It is a co-educational hall, with women on floors one and three, and men on floor two.

Randall Hall, remodeled amenities in 2012, provides coed floors, with men on one side and women on the other. The first floor of Randall provides space for many of our first-year Honors students and is exclusively used as a first-year Honors Hall.

Residence Hall

Both halls are great assets to the Honors students, as the development of a close-knit Honors community provides a network of academically-oriented students who both challenge and support one another. It is a lively community of students who are focused on getting the most out of their undergraduate education.  

Living in the Honors Halls is a privilege. The residents must follow the guidelines of the Office of Residential Life, and those of the university. Both Men's Hall and Randall Hall are places where Honors students can cultivate their academic and social lives with others of similar interests, motivation, and ambition. They are wonderful places to meet and grow with other Honors students toward a fulfilling and enjoyable residence hall experience.