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Family Studies

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In the University of Nebraska at Kearney's family studies program, students will learn how individuals develop and change, and how family, community and society affect human development. Completing the coursework, students will acquire the skills to create atmospheres for children, adults and families to thrive and relate to each other in healthy ways. Students will also develop a respect for diversity in people and environments, and be prepared to work in areas that build individual and family strengths.

*2018-19 CBT Placement Stats. Data based on 82% response rate of program graduates

job placements

based on 89% response rate of CBT graduates

91% placed


65% full-time


26% graduate school

graduate school


  • Alcohol treatment centers
  • Childcare facilities
  • Crisis centers
  • Family counseling programs
  • Home health care services
  • Local and state service agencies
  • Retirement facilities
  • Social service agencies
A'sha Johnson

"I am happy I majored in Family Studies, as they prepared me with the skills, and knowledge to serve individuals and families. Along with the insight of how my work directly impacts the family structure. Having Criminal Justice for a minor also increases my professional value, as the population I serve are more likely to have, and or have had an experience with the Criminal Justice System. Looking back, I really enjoyed my time at UNK. When I first arrived, it was a small town and I was in a rush to graduate. After my first semester, I was hooked. I began to meet professors, students, coaches, and staff. I felt valued on campus and that made all the difference. I joined every social group possible and it was a blast. My professors knew me by name and my success really mattered."


A'sha Johnson

Employment Counselor

National Council on Family Relations

National Council on Family Relations

The curriculum for Family Studies is approved by the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR).  NCFR is the oldest and largest national organization concerned with family issues in the United States.  Upon completion of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Family Studies graduates are qualified for provisional certification as a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE).  Full certification is available to those with the minimum of a Baccalaureate degree and two years experience in family life education if the degree is family-related; five years of experience if the degree is non-family-related.