History - Social Science Comprehensive

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Program: History - Social Science Comprehensive
Degree Level: Undergraduate
Credit Hours: 120 credit hours
Delivery Format: Online

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This online bachelor’s degree provides well-rounded expertise in history and other social science disciplines that are highly applicable in today’s workforce. Courses in history as well as emphasis areas in economics, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology prepare you with comprehensive knowledge of the field. Graduates of the program often find careers in history, business, law, education, or continue toward graduate studies. 

General Studies Courses

View the required 45 credit hours of general studies courses.

Unrestricted Electives

(15 credit hours required)

Major Courses  

(60 credit hours)

Core Requirements

Take all of the following:

HIST 250 – American History       (3 credit hours)
HIST 251 – American History       (3 credit hours)
CYBR 108 – Computers in Society (3 credit hours)

Select 3 to 6 credit hours of the following:

HIST 210 – Western Civilization (3 credit hours)
HIST 211 – Western Civilization (3 credit hours)

Select 0 to 3 credit hours of the following:

HIST 212 – Non-Western World History (3 credit hours)
HIST 215 – Introduction to Latin America (3 credit hours)

Advanced History Courses*

Advanced US History (choose 6 credit hours)
Advanced European History (choose 6 credit hours)
Advanced Non-Western History (choose 6 credit hours)

Social Science Emphasis Courses

Select 15 credit hours from one of the following emphasis areas and 3 credit hours from each of the other emphasis areas:

Political Science

* At least 6 credit hours must be 400-level courses. Not all courses for HIST 300-HIST 499 will be offered online every semester. To find details for each course offering, visit MyBlue.

For complete program information, view the Undergraduate Catalog.

How do I get started?  

1Request information about the program to learn more.

2. Apply to the program.

3. Contact UNK eCampus with any questions:

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Phone: 308-865-8927
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