Undergraduate Student Research

The Department of Biology is a huge proponent of undergraduate research. All Biology students are strongly encouraged to perform undergraduate research. These research experiences can benefit student learning by promoting critical thinking and problem solving. They also increase science knowledge in the chosen field by introducing students to published research and new technologies. Students may also benefit from the creativity required for research and enjoyment of scientific discovery.

At UNK, all students are provided the opportunity to perform research. UNK has two programs that financially support undergraduate research with a stipend for the student and supply money. Students can apply for the Undergraduate Research Fellows (URF) program during the school year or the Summer Student Research program (SSRP). The Biology department also offers the prestigious INBRE program, which supports students interested in biomedical research careers. 

In order to get started, students should review the Faculty page to see what sorts of research projects are ongoing at UNK. The student should then contact the faculty member to see if there is room in their research group for another student. Faculty can then assist students with designing a project and applying to the appropriate research programs.