Conflict of Interest

UNK and the University of Nebraska system have policies designed to identify, eliminate, and/or mitigate conflicts of interest involving employees. Policies are linked below for reference.

Employees who have potential conflicts of interest are required to complete a disclosure form annually. Completing the form is the first step in the process of identifying potential conflicts of interest and managing or eliminating conflicts as appropriate. Completing and submitting the disclosure form is an annual requirement for employees who:

  1. Have signature or purchasing authority,
  2. Have outside employment,
  3. Serve in Administrative roles,
  4. Have immediate family member who work at the University,
  5. Use UNK facilities and equipment in a way that may create a conflict of interest, or
  6. Participate in the conduct of sponsored projects (funded by external agencies)

In addition, employees should update the form within 30 days of any new potential conflict (i.e. responses to any of the questions change). Employees should contact their dean or director to update their form or seek guidance relative to potential conflicts of interest. If in doubt, employees are advised to complete the disclosure form annually—conflicts with existing statutes are nonetheless conflicts whether the employee is or is not aware.

Per regents' policy, effected faculty and staff must have a current conflict of interest disclosure on file, which must be updated annually. The COI disclosure is now electronic and can be filled out at:

Conflict of Interest Policies

Questions or concerns may be addressed to Alex Straatmann at (308) 865-8400.