UNK wants you to know the important information concerning sexual misconduct including available resources, so you can play a part in creating a safe campus for all.


TITLE IX training talks about sexual assault prevention, including domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, sexual harassment and by-stander behavior. Please take some time to review the information below.

The Title IX training takes about 30 minutes to complete and a certificate should appear at the end of the training for successful completion. 

For Students

  • To access the course, login to MyBlue, go to My Profile and select Title IX Training

Title IX Training Button in MyBLUE


For Employees

Your responses from the course will only be seen by approved university personnel and may be used for institutional program and planning purposes. Providing truthful answers about your behavior, attitudes and/or perceptions about alcohol and/or sexual assault is important. If you are a student, please contact Wendy Schardt at for questions.  If you are an employee, please contact Kayleigh Dawson at for questions.

If you have any technical difficulties, please contact our UNK Help Desk at 308-865-8363.

A flipbook version of the Title IX training is also available.


Training Materials for Title IX Team

The Title IX Team consists of the Title IX Coordinator, Title IX Advisory Group, investigators, hearing panelists, appeal officers and Title IX process advisors.  The members may perform any of all of the roles, though not at the same time nor with respect to the same case.  

Title IX team members receive annual training based on their assigned roles.  This training includes topics appropriate for the roles filled by each member of the team.  

Click here to access training materials for members of the team.  Training materials are in folders listed by the date and title of the training.  In addition to the materials, each folder has a list with the names of the team member (s) who completed the training.