Compliance Committee Charge

  1. The Committee’s general charge is to be responsive to the Board of Regents Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee and its responsibilities.

  2. The Committee’s specific charge is to promote and support at UNK, a culture in which employees will operate in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and established standards of ethical conduct. To this end the committee will:

    • enhance UNK’s overall compliance culture by establishing a collaborative and supportive committee whose members bear significant responsibilities and/or oversight for compliance.
    • ensure that the UNK community has ready access to all policies and that these policies will be easy to find, read and understand—it will oversee the establishment and management of a well-organized website repository for all approved policies with links to related guidelines.
    • promote transparency by establishing and managing a website repository on which campus operational policies will be posted prior to being enacted, to provide opportunity for campus review and feedback.
    • promote timely review and archiving of UNK policies.
    • provide feedback to policy makers/owners as requested.


  1. The Compliance Committee does not have jurisdiction over policies, such jurisdiction will continue to reside in appropriate units, bodies, and offices pursuant to federal, state, system and campus laws, regulations, policies and standards of ethical conduct; nor policies established under the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Board of Regents and the University of Nebraska at Kearney Education Association.

  2. With the exception of developing and recommending an initial Policy on Policies to the Chancellor’s Cabinet, the Committee will not have authority to develop campus policies. Such authority will remain under the aegis of appropriate campus units, bodies, and offices relative to:

    • Academic Policies: policies directly affecting the pedagogical/research mission of UNK.
    • Administrative Policies: non-academic policies governing the operations of UNK.
    • Student Policies: policies directly affecting student life at the university.


Alex Straatmann (Chair, Office of Equity & Compliance-Chief Compliance Officer)
Kelly Bartling (Vice Chancellor Enrollment Management and Marketing)
Jim Davis (UNK Police Department)
Martonia Gaskill (Faculty Representative)
George Holman (Student Affairs)
Michael Cremers (Facilities and Management)
Travis Reynolds (Sponsored Programs & Research Development)
Marc Bauer (Intercollegiate Athletics)
Jane Petersen (Instructional Technology Services)
Jane Sheldon (Business and Finance)
Laurinda Weisse (Library Archivist)
Chelsea Swarm (Human Resources Compliance)