Undergraduate Assistant

Undergraduate Assistant

Name: Keaton Kleespies

Class Standing: Junior

Major: 7-12 Social Science Education

Hometown: Tecumseh, NE

What are you looking forward to in working with 2nd-Year Thompson Scholars this year as an the Undergraduate Assistant? I am looking forward to being able to build relationships with the 2nd-Year Thompson Scholars in a more professional setting. I am hoping to help them grow and connect more on campus and throughout the Kearney community.

What aspect(s) of the TSLC program have been most impactful to you as an undergraduate? I think the main aspects of the TSLC program that have impacted me have been the relationships that I have built with professional office staff, professors, mentors, my cohort, and other Thompson Scholars on campus. These relationships open so many opportunities for growth and support.


Interests/Hobbies/Involvement at UNK or in the Kearney community: In addition to the Thompson. Scholars Learning Community, I am also involved with the UNK Honors Program, the UNK Men’s Project, and a variety of Intramural activities.