Academic Plan for Thompson Scholars Beginning at UNK in 2017-2018

Academic Plan for Thompson Scholars Beginning at UNK in 2018-2019
In sharing academic experiences, the Thompson Scholars have the opportunity to develop intellectually with one another. Academic learning communities increase student academic achievement, involvement, motivation, and graduation rates. Ultimately, by sharing academic pursuits, students are more able to connect their academic course work to their personal lives, providing for a more meaningful college experience.

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UNK TSLC Faculty for Fall 2018: (L to R)  Dr. Amanda Sladek, English; Dr. Julie Campbell, Criminal Justice and TSLC Faculty Coordinator; Dr. Toni Hill, Family Studies; Dr. Suzanne Maughan, Sociology; Dr. Joseph Carlson, Criminal Justice; Dr. Charles Rowling, Political Science; Dr. David Vail, History; and Dr. William Wozniak, Psychology.

Not pictured: Ms. Jackie Abell, Art and Design; Ms. Eve Scantling, Kinesiology and Sport Sciences; and Ms. L. Jake Jacobsen, Communication.

If you have questions about TSLC classes, please contact the TSLC Office for assistance.

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