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Registered Student Organization Catering Fund Application

Under the terms of UNK's exclusive agreement with Chartwells, an annual $25,000 Student Catering Fund has been established to support the catering needs of registered student organizations.

Complete and print the application form (PDF)

Email the form to (preferred)
Print the form and mail it to:

Scott A. Benson
Assistant Director of Business Services
University of Nebraska at Kearney
Founders Hall, Rm. 119
2504 9th Avenue
Kearney NE 68849-1240
P (308) 865-8448 | F (308) 865-8101 |


  1. The registered student organization requesting catering support must be registered with the Office of Student Involvement.
  2. A student organization will only be approved for two catering grants per academic year.
  3. Grants will not exceed $1,500 per request. Multiple student organizations may request funding for the same event.
  4. Requests will be approved on a first come first serve basis, and must follow these guidelines:
    a. Funding is designed to supplement a student organizations catering budget and is not designed to provide sole source support.
    b. Funding must be made for a program or event. General organization meetings will not be approved.
    c. The program/event that the catering fund is being requested for must be advertised and open to all students at UNK.
    d. Selection is based on student events or activities that engage in the development of community and/or citizenship.
    e. Funds will not be approved for events/programs where there is an admission charge/fee.
    f. The student organization receiving the donation must recognize University Dining Services as an event sponsor.
    g. The program/event must take place at UNK.
    h. The student organization must submit application for support at least one four (4) weeks before the program/event to be considered.
  5. Applications will be reviewed within five (5) business days of receipt. If approved, the applicant will be notified via email.
  6. If a program/event is canceled, the approved catering funds can not be moved to a new program/event.
  7. The student organization is responsible for funds granted and will work directly with the UNK dining services catering manager to determine menus and make all arrangements.

Forms Required:

  1. Student Catering Fund Application – Please find form at top of this page.
  2. Advertisement or program/event announcement.


  1. Applications will be reviewed and approved by a student catering committee.