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In this August 2014 issue:

Office/Service Dependent Scholarship

Please support the Office/Service Dependent Scholarship Fund.  A container to deposit any cans you have accumulated over the summer will be located east of the Nebraskan Student Union from August 4-8, 2014, in the meter parking area.  Any money collected from can recycling will support the scholarship fund which annually supports one or more scholarships to undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Nebraska at Kearney who are dependents of a regular office/service employee of the University of Nebraska at Kearney.  Not only are you contributing to the Office/Service Dependent Scholarship fund, but recycling takes used materials that would otherwise be waste and remakes the material into new products. 

New Wellness Center Open – August 1

UNK’s new Wellness Center facility will open and be available for Faculty, Staff & Student use on August 1, 2014.  Membership to the facility is $90 per year and can be paid via payroll deduction.  This annual fee also allows your immediate family members (spouse or adult designee and dependent children under the age of 26) to use the Wellness Center facility. Payroll deduction forms are available at the Fitness Center, Human Resources or in SAPPHIRE.  Questions about the center should be directed to Scot Fransk in Campus Recreation.

Creative Services:  Business Cards

Effective August 1, 2014, “raised” lettering business cards will no longer be available in the University system. This change however, will actually bring lower prices to campus. For more information click on this link:

Telecommunications Pricing Changes Provide Savings of 20% and Higher

Telecommunications has negotiated a new service agreement with Frontier Communications for that offers substantially lower pricing on the services departments uses most, including analog and digital lines, long distance, DSL, and more. The most significant savings will come from the reduced cost of digital and analog lines. Previously, the cost for a digital and analog line was $26.48 and $22.47, respectively. Under the new agreement the cost will be $16.50* for either type of line.

Other notable pricing changes include:

  • No additional charge for voicemail
  • Reduction in domestic long distance charges from $.04/minute to $.026/minute
  • Reduction in DSL charges of $20-$30 per line

Please contact Telecommunications at x8430 with any questions.

*Prices above do not include taxes and fees. The total cost of a line is estimated at $21.77 and is subject to change.

Navigating the Policies and Procedures Document

Our policies and procedures document ( has a wealth of information, but because of its size, it can be a challenge at times to find what you are looking for.  Here are a few tips to help!

  1. Use control->F to quickly find a word or phrase in the document
  2. The PDF has bookmarks that aid in navigation.  Make sure bookmarks are enabled on your PDF viewer
  3. If you want to link to a certain section of the PDF and are not sure how to do that, contact Mike Rohde ( for assistance.

New Business and Finance Workshop Registration Website

The Business and Finance division has gone live with a new website to handle workshop scheduling and registration.  In addition to having a look and feel more consistent with our website, the new system will better track what workshops employees have completed.  It should also make it faster and easier for our instructors to schedule and publish workshops.

Check it out at

SAP Month-End Close

To print or view "final" fiscal year 2014 activity on SAP, you will want to wait until August 6, as the month of June for fiscal year 2014 will not close until August 5. To print or view "final" July fiscal year 2015 activity on SAP, you will want to wait until August 15 as the month of July for fiscal year 2015 will not close until August 14. With the exception of June & July, all other months will close on the last day of the month and you will be able to print or view on-line final data on the first day of the next month.

Deposit Money Promptly 

In accordance with State of Nebraska Statue 84-710, all cash, checks and credit card receipts must be deposited with the State Treasury within three business days of the receipt thereof when the aggregate amount is five hundred dollars or more and within seven days of the receipt thereof when the aggregate amount is less than five hundred dollars. Note that the time begins when anyone at UNK receives the funds, not when the department Administrative Associate or the Finance Office receives the funds. The Finance Office requests that all departments routinely deposit receipts twice weekly at a minimum to comply with the state statute; however daily depositing is recommended. Receipts should be kept in a secure location at all times until the deposit is made with the Finance Office. Click here for further guidance on controls & procedures regarding cash receipts handling. Contact Jill Purdy at 8421 with any questions.  

Change in Responsible Person for a Cost Center or WBS Element

When the responsible person for a cost center or WBS element changes, the person relinquishing responsibility can send an email to Jill Purdy at so that SAP can be updated. The responsible person can be found on the upper right hand corner of the Cost Center: Revenue/Expense Summary or the upper left hand corner of the WBS Element: Revenue/Expense Summary.

Reminder for Certain AP Payments (ACH for $25,000 or more)

Effective June 1, 2008, all vendors receiving payment from the University (and/or any combination of University and other State Agencies) in the amount of $25,000 or more MUST be paid through the Automatic Clearing House (ACH).  If you have an invoice or know that you are going to be purchasing goods or services that meet this threshold, please look up the vendor in SAP to see if they have an ***ACH*** address. The Accounts Payable office is also available to help you find if this payment type has been set up in our system.

We have had several vendor payments delayed recently because they have not been set up to receive their payment via ACH from the State of Nebraska Treasurer’s Office.  The best time to get started with this process is immediately after you commit to making a purchase from the vendor as it can take up to 2 weeks or longer before the payment can process.  If you have any questions, please call Judy at -8419 or Paula at -8866.

Transportation Services Reminder

UNK Transportation Services has sedans, minivans and full sized vans to lease to the campus community.  Reservations may be made several ways: online, through email to or or by calling 865-1800.

In April the NU Transportation Service made a change in the authorization PINs for Voyager card fuel purchases.  For all vehicles using Voyager fuel cards owned by a department or leased from the UNK Motor Pool, the faculty, staff or student driver must use the first 6 digits of the employee’s NUID number to purchase fuel.  Potential drivers may send their information through campus mail to Pati Heaton, GSB.  Send NUID number, last and first name, driver’s license number, state that issued the license, birthdate and email address.  Please do not send this information electronically.  Questions contact,

Beginning January, 2015 there will be a $7.50 charge for removal/replacement of each large van seat. To access and read the complete Transportation Services policies and procedures go to

Vehicle Operation and Related Reporting

In order to be insured by UNK any vehicle acquired for UNK use must be titled and licensed.  Each department with state vehicles must record their beginning and ending mileage on a monthly mileage log. The monthly mileage log and any maintenance invoices must be submitted to the Facilities Management Motor Pool, during the 1st full week of each month.  Facilities will use its equipment inventory system to maintain a list of these vehicles and the corresponding expenses. Questions contact,

For further information, please go to:

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