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In this September 2014 issue:

Creative Services:  Business Cards

Effective August 1, 2014, “raised” lettering business cards will no longer be available in the University system. This change however, will actually bring lower prices to campus. For more information click on this link:

Charge Account Changes

Consistent with existing efforts to establish and maintain safeguards and internal controls for purchasing and payment of centrally billed accounts, Business Services/Accounts Payable has reviewed University policy as it relates to Charge Accounts.  At this time, a minority of vendors allow for the purchase of goods and services on open account.  While vendors are expected to maintain an approved list of University personnel authorized to make purchases this is not consistently occurring.  As such, in instances where the University purchasing card may be presented to a vendor for the purchase of certain goods, Business Services/Accounts Payable intends to terminate Charge Account privileges.  The purchase card program was designed to improve efficiency in processing and completing low dollar purchases, it is cost effective and provides for greater protections against unauthorized transactions than existing Charge Accounts.

Vendors who have partnered with Business Services/Accounts Payable to create a more controlled environment, such as Hy-Vee, which provides a system that assigns individual cards based on University approval, will be pursued when the very nature of the purchase (food) is prohibited on the purchasing card.

Business & Finance Workshops

The Business & Finance division schedules workshops for employees in applications such as SAP/Firefly Basic Navigation, Firefly Reporting, Human Resources, Payroll, Accounts Payable Processes, Purchasing Card Policies & Reconciliation, eShop, Travel Management, Cash Receipt Handling, and Budget and Financial Report/Reconciling. Please review the Business and Finance training calendar for your upcoming workshops needs.   Registration is by a specific date/time or is arranged with the “Request Training” option.  For more information contact Jo Ludden at 865-8377 or email

Family Fresh Market Discount

Show your UNK ID Card and receive a 5% discount at Family Fresh Market.

Best Care Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

As of September 1st, 2014 the counseling sessions provided by the University to benefits eligible employees will change from 3 to 4 sessions.  Please view the link below for more information about Best Care EAP services.

University Foundation

Jane Sheldon, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Business and Finance, is the liaison for the University to the University of Nebraska Foundation.  If you have any questions regarding your department foundation funds, please contact Jane Sheldon, 8427,

Family and Medical Leave Act

New FMLA forms have been put on SAPPHIRE and the UNK website.  The new forms now include more detailed instructions and a certification form from a health care provider.  Please call 8516 if you have any questions on these forms or how to complete them.

Coming Soon - Orientation Training for Search Committee Members

Orientation Training for Search Committee members will change to a bi-annual training that all members on a search committee will need to attend in order to be certified and participate on search committees.

Amazon Prime Membership for UNK Campus Departments

Business Services and Accounts Payable are continually evaluating changes in the purchasing techniques and opportunities that our users have available to them.  Recently, the UNK Internal Auditor worked with these offices to develop a policy for UNK Departments to participate in’s Prime Membership to realize savings on shipping and the time it takes to receive their approved purchases. 

If you or your department is interested in this option, please contact Kim Christensen at -8525 or Carrie Stithem at -8865 to get a copy of the Agreement that must be signed by the employee who will be responsible for the use of the membership and then approved by the Business Services Director before the Membership should be purchased.

Building Supervisors

An updated list of Building Supervisors can be found here.

Poster Approval, Sidewalk Advertising and Sandwich Boards

Only those events sponsored by recognized UNK student groups, campus departments, a program or meeting taking place on campus may be advertised by displaying posters, sidewalk advertising, or sandwich boards on campus.  For further information regarding the policies and procedures for advertising events, please go here further information.

Employee Achievement/Recognition of Excellence Award Nomination Forms

The Employee Achievement and Recognition of Excellence award nomination forms have been updated and are now available as electronic forms, using the following links.  These forms are also available as links on the UNK Staff Senate webpage. 

As we gear up for another exciting academic year, please consider nominating a staff member or group who has demonstrated excellence.  It’s time to show our colleagues how much we appreciate what they do and why we’re so very proud to be Lopers!!

For information regarding the Division of Business & Finance Operations, please see below:

Budget Office:  Jean Mattson, Director    Contact Information:  8213

*Responsible for the management of UNK budget & departmental budget oversight

Business Services:  Jon C. Watts, Director     Contact Information: 8525

*Responsible for Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Mailroom, e-procurement & exclusive contract management.  Exclusive contracts include: Dining services, bookstore, vending food & snacks and cable services

Creative Services:  Steve P. Schrodt, Director     Contact Information:   8134

*Responsible for design, printing services, web development/management, multi-media & social media

Facilities Management & Planning:   Lee McQueen, Director      Contact Information:   1700

*Responsible for new & renovation construction, custodial services, general maintenance landscape & grounds management, space planning

Finance Office:  Larry Riessland, Director      Contact Information:  8524

*Is responsible for all accounting activities, fund management, student accounts & grant fund management, & ID card services

Human Resources Office:   Mary Chinnock Petroski      Contact Information:  8655

*Responsible for employee recruitment, payroll management, benefits administration, ombudsman services, dual career services and Title IX coordination and ADA services

Police & Parking:  Michelle Hamaker, Director    Contact Information: 8517

*Responsible for campus police services, parking services, emergency operations management & safe walk services

Risk Management & Environmental Health & Safety:  Lee Purdy, Coordinator

Contact Information:  8641

*Responsible for risk assessments, risks audits, workers compensation reporting, health & safety testing, insurance claims management

Telecommunications:  Ryan Rodehorst, Coordinator       Contact Information:  8430

*Responsible for landline services, cell phone service management and contract management

For further information, please go to:

Business & Finance – Policies & Procedures

Orientation for New Employees to B & F Procedures

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