In this April 2018 issue:

Tickets on Sale: 26th Annual Celebrating Excellence Retirement and Service Award Luncheon

The 26th Annual Celebrating Excellence Retirement and Service Award Luncheon will be held on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, in the Ponderosa Room of the Nebraskan Student Union. The luncheon begins at 12:30 pm with the service award presentations at 1:15 pm.  Recognition of retirees will begin at 1:30 pm.  Tickets to the luncheon may be purchased in the Finance Office for $12.50.  If you have dietary concerns, please contact Fauneil Meier at 8205 or by email meierf@unk.edu.


During an emergency situation which disrupts or has the potential to disrupt campus operations and services on the UNK campus, the emergency operation plan will be activated. An important part of this plan is to alert students, faculty and staff of the emergency situation and to list any precautionary steps to take if known.

UNKAlert will send emergency messages from UNK to devices and addresses you designate. Communication devices can be cell phones (text and voice), landline phones, and e-mail addresses. Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for UNKAlert will be maintained from SAP for employees and MyBLUE for students. It is critical that for you to receive emergency messages from UNKAlert that your telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are kept up-to-date in SAP & MyBLUE. Employees and students may "opt in" to receive emergency messages through text messages.

For information regarding UNKAlert please visit, http://www.unk.edu/offices/emergency_management/index.php

500,000th PO Milestone in eSHOP

In March of 2018, University of Nebraska Procurement was pleased to issue its 500,000th Purchase Order from eSHOP.  Your continued use of eSHOP helps the University save money every day in numerous ways. In addition to lower prices from our suppliers and savings from comparison shopping, our eSHOP software provider, Jaggaer, projects that their customers save millions of dollars each year through streamlined processes, i.e., electronic approval routings, reduction of paper, electronic PO’s and payments, etc. We are grateful to all University Faculty and Staff that support eSHOP and contributed to the University achieving this milestone.  In recognition, the following departments from each campus that came the closest to the 500,000 mark – UNO Housing, UNL Chemistry, UNMC College of Dentistry and UNK Admissions – will receive a basket of office items from our suppliers.

Graduation Gift Idea

Loper Dollars make a great gift for a high school graduate who will be attending UNK next fall. Loper Dollars can be used at all campus dining locations, the Antelope Bookstore, Nebraskan Welcoming Desk, and select copiers and printers. Remember, purchases at campus dining locations using Loper Dollars are discounted 20% automatically! Contact the Finance Office for more information at 8012.

Fiscal Year-end Procedures and Information

There will be two opportunities for you to attend an Informational Meeting on Fiscal Year-end Procedures. Topics to be covered include budget encumbrances and balances carried forward, accrual adjustments, payroll processing, AP parked document processing, procurement card processing and more. Please contact Chris Moran at 8785 if you have questions.

Thursday, April 5, 2:00-2:45 PM, Copeland 142 Register

Tuesday, April 10, 9:00-9:45, Ockinga Auditorium Register

Reading Your SAP Financial Reports

There will be two opportunities for you to attend a demonstration on financial reports that are available in SAP and Firefly that can assist departments in managing their budgets and how to read and understand those financial reports. Please contact Chris Moran at 8785 with questions.

Thursday, April 5, 3:00-3:45 PM, Copeland 142 Register

Tuesday, April 10, 10:00-10:45, Ockinga Auditorium Register

Enroll for 2018 Online W-2

As you are filing your 2017 taxes, now is a perfect time to think about your preferred delivery method for your 2018 W-2 form. All UNK employees can now enroll for online delivery of their 2018 W2 tax statement by logging into Firefly>Employee Self Service>W-2 & W-4 Tax Forms>Enroll for W-2 Online Delivery.

Follow the on screen steps to designate your preferred tax statement delivery method. By opting for online W-2 forms, not only will you save paper but you will also have accessibility to your W-2 form at any time through Firefly. The forms are also available online at least a week before the paper forms are sent out to those users who do not designate their W-2 delivery method or who opt for a paper W-2 form.

You do not need to enroll again if you already opted for the online delivery as your selection carries forward each year. If you do not log into Firefly and make an election, you will receive a paper W-2 form by default.

If you have any questions, please contact Payroll at 865-8182.

Voluntary Life Insurance

All benefits eligible employees should have received an email from University Benefits Administrator with information for a Special Life Insurance Enrollment April 2 to April 20.

 Effective May 1, 2018, the voluntary life insurance program will have new reduced rates that the University was able to negotiate due to the efforts of the University’s benefits consultant Gallagher Benefits Associates. Employee savings will range from 20-30 percent depending on the age of the employee, tobacco/nicotine designation, and the amount of coverage.

When and How to Enroll:

This special enrollment period starts on Monday, April 2 and ends 5:00pm Friday, April 20. To enroll, click on the NUFlex enrollment in Firefly under ESS. This will be the only opportunity for employees to enroll or increase voluntary life insurance coverage up to $250,000 without proof of insurability (assumes the employee is under the age of 70 and has not been previously declined from coverage from Assurity Life Insurance).

For questions please call 865-8522 or email benefitsunk@unk.edu

Employee Tuition Remission

Allocation of tuition remission credits for Summer and Fall Semester can be entered beginning April 2. Final submission for Summer is June 1 and for Fall is September 14. Allocate credits via Firefly/ESS, under Benefits, click “Employee & Dependent Scholarship”. For employees utilizing KSC forms, please visit the link below.


Gift Cards for Research Subjects (IRB Approved Research)

Since February 23, 2015, UNK researchers have been able to provide gift cards as a means of incentive or compensation for research subject’s time and inconvenience as related to IRB approved research.  If you are planning a research project and want to compensate/incentivize your participants, there are procedures in place that must be followed to comply with various University and Federal (IRS) laws.  Please contact Michael Christen (-8448) or Carrie Stithem (-8865) in Business Services and Accounts Payable for more information.

Request forms, policy and a workflow chart are found in SAPPHIRE in the Business Forms area for UNK in the Accounts Payable Folder>Gift Cards for Research Subjects.  The policy is also included here:


Reminder: Documentation Required for All Paid by University TRIP Expenses

All travel expenses designated as “Paid by University” must be supported with appropriate documentation when submitting an Automated Travel Expense Statement.  Please remember to include them in the Pre-Trip estimate as well. Documentation could be an email confirmation, a screen shot of the registration website payment confirmation, a hotel folio provided at check-out (folio will always be REQUIRED when the reservation was made through the University Hotels.com site), car rental direct bill invoices, etc.  When listing airline costs, please remember to include the Travel & Transport (T&T) booking fees that can be found in the cost center that was used to pay for the ticket.  Currently, online (Concur tool) booking fees are $5 and if you call a live agent, the fee will be $22.  Foreign bookings will almost always require a call with a live agent due to the complexity of those reservations, most other reservations can be handled quite efficiently with the Concur booking tool as long as your search parameters are set to search all possible dates/times the traveler is considering.  Currently, only designated Travel Coordinators have access to the online booking tool through Firefly.  Questions can be directed to Accounts Payable at -8419 or Kim Christensen at -8525

Moving Expense Reimbursements No Longer a Tax-Free Benefit to New Employees

Per the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 signed into federal law on December 22, 2017, employers can no longer exclude from reportable income any moving expenses reimbursed to or paid on behalf of an employee.  UNK’s revised policy for handling moving expenses will be posted here for your reference.

Requesting a New Vendor Through eSHOP

Beginning January 19, 2018, the process for department users to ask that a new Vendor be created in the Accounts Payable master vendor file was moved to the new “Vendor Request” form in eSHOP (found in the Special Forms section).  This process used to be in the Launchpad area through SAP or by using the SAP transaction Y_UND_52000010.  Security access to both was removed for all SAP users as of that date.  A team of AP personnel across all campuses has been assembled to address all requests from all campuses.  Communication with users could come from any one of the team members, not just those on your home campus.  Therefore, we ask that all communication take place via the “comment” section of the eSHOP request/form to allow for the team members to best address the status of a request and help you in the most efficient manner.  If any users have not been introduced to the new process or have any questions about the process, please contact Accounts Payable at -8419 for assistance.

New Vendor Number for Enterprise Car Rental - Effective Immediately

Effective immediately, please begin using Vendor #211450 to make payments to Enterprise Car Rental (aka EAN SERVICES LLC).  When searching for the vendor in eSHOP, you will find them listed as “EAN SERVICES LLC. This vendor is set to receive ACH payments and is in support of BRT Team efforts in the travel area.  If you have any questions regarding the change of vendor, please contact Accounts Payable at -8419.

Physical Confirmations of Equipment Inventory

In April, departments will receive a current listing of major equipment (cost $5,000 or greater) for the department as recorded in the University’s fixed asset system.  Departments are expected to confirm the inventory of equipment by physically inspecting the equipment, verifying the accuracy of the recorded information, and indicating the condition of the asset on the confirmation.  If there is equipment held by the department with an original cost of $5,000 or more that is not listed, please add the equipment information to the confirmation.  Departments with no major equipment will be sent a confirmation asking them to confirm they do not have any equipment with an original cost of $5,000 or more.

In addition to a listing of major equipment, departments will also receive a separate list of current objects on loan for the department as recorded in the University’s HR system.  Departments are required to record laptop computers and other mobile electronic devices such as iPads, tablets, cell phones, and external hard drives as objects on loan if assigned to an individual or taken or kept off campus.  Laptops and other mobile electronic devices held for general department use and kept on campus are not required to be (but can be) tracked through objects on loan.  However, each department is responsible for its equipment and should track these items in some way.  Desktop computers, printers, or fax machines that are taken home or off campus are also required to be recorded on objects on loan.  Departments, at their discretion, may include other specific items such as cameras, iPods, research equipment, or other equipment on an individual’s objects on loan.  Accessories to these items such as a laptop docking station, keyboard, case/cover, etc. do not need to be recorded as separate items, but may be included in the description of the main item if desired.  Departments are expected to confirm the inventory of objects on loan by physically inspecting the equipment and verifying the accuracy of the recorded item information and employee assignment.  Equipment that meets the requirements but is not listed should be added to the confirmation before returning it to the Asset Records Manager.

Please assist in the physical inventory of UNK equipment by completing the steps and returning the confirmations to the Asset Records Manager by the due date indicated on the confirmation.

How Can I Review What Has Been Recorded on SAP Objects on Loan?

Employees can review items assigned to them in SAP objects on loan by navigating to Firefly > Employee Self Service > My Employment > On Loan.

Departments can review information for all employees in their department by running a report in SAP. See instructions at Firefly > Sapphire > Reference Guides > UNK > Finance Office > SAP Objects on Loan Report Instructions. To update Objects on Loan information in SAP, contact your IT Coordinator or go to Sapphire > Business Forms > UNK > Finance Office > Objects on Loan Update Form and send the form to Ross Pierce, Asset Records Manager, WRNH 135.

Personal Use of University Property and Equipment

Personal use of University property is prohibited, except where allowed by Board of Regents policy.  University property includes any items purchased with University funds including grants, contracts, awards, gifts, and Foundation funds as well as donated items.

Use of University Property Off-Campus for Work Related Activities

When University property is removed from a department for off-campus work-related activities, the department must maintain written documentation of the department head’s authorization for such use, specifically identifying the equipment removed, reason for the removal, location, and dates removed and returned.  When equipment is mobile in nature and assigned to an individual for work use on a long term basis, departments are encouraged to record that equipment as an “object on loan” on the employee’s personnel record in SAP.  Departments are required to record laptop computers and other mobile electronic devices such as iPads, tablets, cell phones, and external hard drives as objects on loan.  Desktop computers, printers, or fax machines that are taken home or off campus are also required to be recorded on objects on loan.  Contact Ross Pierce at piercerl@unk.edu or 8007 with any questions.

Employee Achievement/Teamwork Excellence Award Nomination Forms

Employees and Departments/Groups of Employees can be nominated for different awards. The awards are presented monthly during the Staff Senate meetings.

Please consider nominating a staff member or group who has demonstrated excellence.  It’s time to show our colleagues how much we appreciate what they do and why we’re so very proud to be Lopers!!



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