Frequently Asked Questions

What class should I take first if I think I want to be a teacher?

The first professional sequence course you should enroll in is TE 100 Teaching in a Democratic Society. This course is an introduction to the teaching profession and to the program of study through which teachers progress at UNK.

When/how do I apply to Teacher Education? What are the Requirements?

During TE 100 a representative from the College of Education will visit your classroom and distribute the applications which will be completed at that time. If you happen to miss that class or transfer in TE 100 an application can be obtained in the Educator Certification Office C-128, COE Building.

The requirements for admittance into Teacher Education


Full admission to the Teacher Education Program is a requirement for enrolling in most 300 LEVEL (third year) and 400 LEVEL (fourth year) education courses in the renewed teacher education program. It is essential that you complete the admission requirements in a timely fashion (by the middle of the 2nd year).

What is the Praxis Core Test? When/Where do I take it?

Praxis Core FAQs

What is the Praxis Subject Assessment (formerly Praxis II) Test? When/Where do I take it?

Praxis Subject Assessment (formerly Praxis II) FAQs

What is TaskStream? What is required for TaskStream? What should be included in my TaskStream electronic portfolio?

Teaching candidates purchase and first use TaskStream in TE100. LiveText is also used in selected other education courses and is a part of the student teaching experience. All teaching candidates use TaskStream to create an electronic portfolio. Successful completion of the TaskStream portfolio is a graduation requirement. Near the end of student teaching, all student teachers are responsible for presenting their final TaskStream portfolio to a UNK academic advisor; another UNK faculty member; or a public school teacher or administrator who is not serving as their cooperating teacher. The reviewer of the portfolio must submit a Final TaskStream Portfolio Review Form to the Director of Student Teaching. The final TaskStream Portfolio should include the following Common Assessment Assignments:

  • TE 206--Introduction Section
  • *TE 100--Case Study of Schools (Includes Caption**)
  • *TE 204--Case Study of an Individual (Includes Caption)
  • TE 312, TE 319, or TE 472--Case Study of a Lesson (Includes Caption)
  • TE 400--Case Study of a Classroom (Includes Caption)
  • TE 400--Case Study of a Unit (Includes Caption)
  • TE 400--Morally Responsible Teaching Philosophy Statement (Includes Caption)

* Not required for transfer students who complete an equivalent course elsewhere.

** The format for Captions (one page maximum length) is as follows:

  • Date of initial completion or most recent revision
  • Entry Description (brief summary)
  • Relationship to the UNK Desired Outcomes for Graduates
  • Reflective Summary (What did you learn? How did the assignment impact your future teaching/learning?)

If you need more help, please contact a course instructor for TE 206, the Chairperson of the Teacher Education Department, Chris Knoell ( or the Director of Field Experiences, Jane Blum (

**Revised 2011

When/How do I apply to Student Teach? Requirements? Where can I student teach and how long does student teaching last?

Student Teaching FAQs

How do I apply for my Nebraska teaching certificate?

Teaching or Administrative Certificate FAQs

What/Who do I see if I am an undergraduate transfer student?

Your first contact will be with the Admissions Office here at UNK. Their website can be found here: Go to Undergraduate Admissions.

If you have any questions that aren’t listed here, contact the Educator Certification Office at 308-865-8264 or email: