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The BMI Report Card, along with our BMI calculator will allow school nurses access to a BMI calculator and report generator. You may register by contacting Dr. Bryce Abbey at

Upon registration, you will receive a school specific health report card that you may print and distribute to students with personal weight status information. You receive access to our secured website where heights and weights are entered, along with gender and date of birth. A BMI is calculated and percentile ranking is described. Schools can then generate a report by grade, gender, school, district, etc and track over time.

The BMI Reporter is a health reporting and tracking system which can be used by school nurses across the state. The system allows nurses to enter each child's weight and height data, and then reports a BMI.

BMI Report Card. 

A new BMI Report Card data collection app will be available on iTunes soon.

For more information, or to use the BMI Report Card or BMI calculator, contact: Bryce Abbey, PhD. at or call 308-865-8336