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Educational Administration

Educational Administration Informational Page

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Educational Administration. All of our full-time faculty members and adjunct professors have extensive experience as public school administrators. Our overarching goal is to meet the needs of the future school administrator. EDAD students may pursue online Masters or Specialist Degree as well as a non-degree endorsement. Our faculty members pride themselves in knowing students well and in maintaining mentoring relationships with program graduates as they embark upon careers in school administration.

UNK Online Graduate Programs are ranked 4th in the nation. According to this article, The 20 best Online Master of Education Degrees. http://www.thebestschools.org/blog/2013/06/21/20-online-master-education-degree-programs/


Master of Art in Education

Education Specialist


Master's Comprehensive Examination
A comprehensive examination needs to be taken during your last semester of coursework and all degree seeking students are required to complete the comprehensive examination (except students getting specialist degree). The comps will be emailed each semester on the dates below. The student will need to email Holly Peterson (petersonha@unk.edu) before the given dates and let her know you are ready to take the exam. The comps consists of four essay questions. The comps will be emailed on that Friday and returned the following Friday. The comps are graded as a pass / fail. If we receive a comprehensive examination that does "not pass", you will be asked the student to rewrite it until it is satisfactory. The students will receive a letter in the mail stating the completion of the comprehensive examination. For School Principalship: students will be given a choice to take the written comprehensive exams or to receive a passing score on the Praxis II.

  • Fall: Beginning of November
  • Spring: March 27th - April 3rd
  • Summer: Mid June

Please contact Holly Peterson to sign-up for comps! (petersonha@unk.edu or 308-865-8512).

Specialist Exit Interview or Oral Comprehensive

An exit interview will need to be scheduled during your last semester of coursework. This is required for all students seeking School Superintendent - Education Specialist Degree. The department will schedule one or two days for all the exit interviews to take place. The interviews will take place in Kearney if possible. If it is not possible, a Skype interview will be set up. Also students will be asked to complete a practice Praxis II test as a part of the comprehensive examination requirement.

  • Fall: Beginning of November (scheduled individually)
  • Spring: Beginning of April (scheduled individually)
  • Summer: Middle of June (scheduled individually)

Please contact Holly Peterson to sign up for you exit interview! (petersonha@unk.edu or 308-865-8512).

EDAD 944 Seminar in Educational Administration

  • 2015 Seminar Trip to Lincoln: June 2015

EDAD 843 Practicum for 2015:

  • September 12th from 10:00 - 2:00 in the Communications Center. Lunch will be provided. This is required for all Nebraska students. Check with the instructor if you are out of state or unable to attend.
  • Practicum Trip to Omaha: November

Application Deadlines for Graduation:

Applications must be filled out on-line and is required of all potential graduates. Be sure to register for graduation whether you march or not by specific dates posted below. The fee is $25.
  • Fall: September 15th
  • Spring: February 1st
  • Summer: June 15th

Your transcript will indicate your degree/completed work for the new certificate as first-time principal. The transcript will be required for your application for NDE credential additions. To update your certification, go to Nebraska Department of Education. If out of state, check with Department of Education in your state.