Computer Science & Information Technology

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Our Computer Science program has a solid theoretical foundation with mobile app development, gaming, robotics, and software development team projects.

Our Information Technology is the only Information Technology BS degree program of its kind in Nebraska. It has web development, system administration and security, and general IT degree options.

Our Master of Science in Education Degree is a fully online IT degree through the MSEd Instructional Technology program with a Concentration in Information Technology that meets the State of Nebraska IT teacher certification.

100% Job Placement

We have 100% placement for dedicated students - with average starting salaries in the $50-60K range in Nebraska. Our programs follow the ACM international standard curricula -- the widely accepted standards for CS & IT degree programs.

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Upcoming Event(s):

Tilt-a-Hirl Robotics Competition held by the CSIT 441 Artificial Intelligence students.

Tuesday April 15, 2014
11:00PM - 12:15PM
Otto Olsen - Room 224

This year's competition is named "Tilt-a-Hurl". In the competition, the robots are required to follow the Midwest Instructional Computing Symposium (MICS) 2014 robotics competition specifications, which has robots shooting three point shots on a tilted robotic basketball court. CSIT student teams design, build and program robots that autonomously attempt to find a ball, find the basket, and then shoot the ball at the basket from behind the three point line.  Each robot will try to score as many points as it can in 2 minutes. The front end of the court will be elevated 3.5", so the balls will tend to roll to the back wall. Each robot will perform three 2-minute runs on the court. The sum of its best two runs will be used to decide winners with the third run being used as the primary tie-breaker.

 In the implementation of their autonomous robots, student teams use advanced programming techniques and design their robots to respond to various sensors, including gyro, tach, touch, and light sensors. Students must develop the interplay between the physical design of their robot and the mental capacity they programmed into the robot in solving a problem.

Some of the students will be competing against university student-built robots from a seven-state area in the regional MICS robotics competition in Verona, WI on April 25th.  (The UNK team won the regional competition last year.)