Community Engagement

The University of Nebraska’s Investing in Nebraska’s Future Strategic Planning Framework guides university-wide and campus planning. It emphasizes access and affordability, quality academic programs, workforce and economic development, research growth, engagement with the state, and accountability as priorities “to help build and sustain a Nebraska that offers its citizens educational and economic opportunity and a high quality of life”.

The CSIT Department addresses these elements by providing access to quality IT education to young people and through initiatives to make young people in Central Nebraska more IT-career ready. The CSIT Department is committed to developing and nurturing a healthy IT community of professionals in Central Nebraska. The demand for computing professionals in Central Nebraska exceeds the current supply of graduates.

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Resources for teachers

CSIT teacher resources are part of the UNK CSIT Computer Science Principles on the Prairie (CSPoP) program funded by a Google CS4HS grant. 

Resources for students & alums

Experiences for K-12 students

 CoderDojos are unstructured, open-source coding clubs. Ages 8 to 17 will be introduced to computer programming. Parents are welcome.

Check back for the dates/times for more upcoming events, such as: 

  • CSIT Student Project Demonstrations

  • Business open houses at Kearney-area businesses

  • Hour of Code

  • Girl Scout Workshops

Resources for women

The CSIT Department provides
  • Outreach activities for middle and high school students
  • Dedicated informational website materials
  • Professional networking opportunities for current CSIT students
  • Opportunities for CSIT students to develop their confidence and improve their technical and mentoring abilities
  • Attendance at annual Women in Computing Conferences (RMCWIC and MINKWIC)
  • As a National Center for Women in IT (NCWIT) Academic Alliance member, faculty and students have access to numerous resources including awards, mentoring opportunities, conferences, and more.

See more CSIT resources for women.

Resources for adults

CSIT Business Partnerships

The CSIT programs at UNK have strong relationships with employers in the Central Nebraska area. CSIT partner businesses in Central Nebraska, such as Buckle Inc. and Xpanxion, are almost always hiring and need more IT professionals to meet their business goals. These employers rely on student interns, as well as, graduates entering the workforce.

Read more ways businesses and CSIT work together.

Social Media Project

Click here for information on the UNK CSIT Rural Futures Institute (RFI) Social Media Project. Through this project, CSIT students are helping small businesses and non-profit organizations to implementation or update their social media plans. 

Resources for everyone

A good understanding of computer science or information technology will provide a foundation of knowledge that will help you be successful at any career in today’s global economy.

As Marc Andreessen (creator of the first web browser, who is now a venture capitalist) once said: "The spread of computers and the Internet will put jobs in two categories, people who tell computers what to do, and people who are told by computers what to do."

There are so many ways that you can be someone who tells the computer what to do.

The available CSIT resources are constantly in motion. This list shows several of these resources. Enjoy!