UNK Cyber Systems Program Objectives

CSIT IT Student

Cyber Systems Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department of Cyber Systems in accordance with the role, mission and objectives of the University of Nebraska at Kearney as approved by the University of Nebraska Board of Regents and in accordance with the statewide plan of the Coordinating Commission for Post-secondary Education is to provide educational, research and service functions to the citizens of central Nebraska in the areas of Computer Science and Information Technology.

Furthermore, the Department of Cyber Systems provides students with the opportunity for higher education of the highest quality through support of all the general objectives of the University. The Department especially focuses on inspiring, mentoring, challenging, educating, and empowering undergraduate students. Activities of the department are designed to prepare graduates for careers or for graduate study in the areas of computer science and information technology. Cyber Systems is known for its cross-curricular use of student led projects, and the ability to teach software and system development with an emphasis on understanding of why and not just how. Graduates of the department are expected to be lifelong learners with the ability to think critically and to solve problems.

The Cyber Systems Department emphasizes quality in all of its activities in accordance with current trends in postsecondary education quality assurance. While the Department's primary focus is on undergraduate teaching, faculty scholarship and service are encouraged in accordance with the Regents' and Coordinating Commission's plans and the Boyer-Rice model for such faculty activities.