CSIT Majors & Minors

CSIT Student Collaboration

UNK CSIT is the right place for students who want to personalize their educational experience. CSIT students design and implement their own student-led projects in many classes, under the direction of experienced faculty members.

Want to create your own VR game? You can at UNK CSIT!

Want to create your own virtualized server? You can at UNK CSIT!

Want to be in the driver seat to create the projects you want to develop, instead of completing all instructor created assignments? You will be at UNK CSIT!

Computer Science

Computer Science students creatively solve problems and make a difference in the world. We provide a solid theoretical foundation along with mobile app development, gaming, robotics, and software development team projects.

Information Technology

Information Technology students are interested in using information technology to help people. IT students learn web development, system administration and security, and general IT content. The Information Technology program is designed for people who want a career in a variety of IT-related areas. The only IT BS degree program of its kind in Nebraska. 

Cyber Security Operations

Cyber Security /Operations students will learn how to help businesses secure and defend their infrastructure. The program primarily focuses on technologies and techniques related to specialized cyber operations (e.g., collection,exploitation, and response) to defend the infrastructure of information systems - computers, networks, and communications. The CSO curriculum is designed to align to the standards published by the National Security Agency (NSA) for the National Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cyber Operations. 

IT Supplemental Teaching Endorsement Programs

  • Meets the State of Nebraska IT supplemental endorsement for teacher certification. 
  • Current teachers can complete the graduate-level IT supplemental endorsement fully online. The graduate-level IT Supplemental Endorsement courses are part of the MSEd program in Instructional Technology with a Concentration in Information Technology. Thus, completing the endorsement is a great way to start the MSEd program. 
  • The IT supplemental program for pre-service teachers is mostly online. 

Online Degree Programs & Courses

Online Programs
  • BS Degree Completion for the Information Technology major with an emphasis in General IT.  This is ideal for working adults interested in skill and knowledge development. This program is personalized for each individual.
  • Masters of Education in Instructional Technology with an emphasis in Information Technology.  Twenty-one credit hours offered through the Department of Teacher Education and 15 hours offered through the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • IT Supplemental Endorsement. Includes a mix of coursework from Teacher Education and CSIT.

We also offer several general studies online courses for all students.

Fall Online CSIT Course Offerings

The CSIT Department offers the following online courses during the fall semesters:

Spring Online CSIT Course Offerings

The CSIT Department offers the following online courses during the spring semesters:

Summer Online CSIT Course Offerings

The CSIT Department offers the following online courses during the summer:

Transfer & Dual Credit

Related Programs

CSIT contributes to the Multimedia (MM) BS and BA majors, which are interdisciplinary programs designed to provide students with a background in communicating a message using proper artistic and graphic design principals on various technical platforms. The MM programs are housed in the Department of Communication in the College of Fine Arts and Humanities, but are shared equally between the CSIT Department, the Department of Communication and the Department of Art and Design.  The CSIT Department also provides 1/3 of the Multimedia minor program.

CSIT Program Objectives & Assessment

CSIT Program Objectives & Assessment details can be found here.

Why choose a Computer Science or Information Technology Major?

A recent survey reinforces the notion that a computer science degree is a smart career move, and finds that students are well aware of it

  • It is a fun, creative, exciting and fast-growing field. You get to learn all of your life!
  • CS/IT professionals make positive contributions to society.
  • It is intellectual stimulating work. It’s not boring or routine.
  • For the fourth year in a row, US News and World Report rated at least three IT careers in their top 10 best jobs. This year, these careers are Software Developer, Computer Systems Analyst, and Information Security Analyst. Other top 100 jobs include Web Developer, Computer Systems Administrator, Database Administrator, Quality Assurance Expert, IT Manager, and more.
  • There is a huge demand for more CS/IT professionals – and new jobs are created each year.
  • The earning potential is the highest for any BS degree. Starting salaries range from $50-$65K in the local area.
  • If you're not focusing in CS you are falling behind!