COE Technology Committee

Purpose of the COE Technology Committee

This COE Technology Committee was formed to advocate, support, and educate the faculty and staff in the College of Education on technology processes, investigate and implement cutting edge technology for the teaching and training of future educators, and serve as an educational resource about technology resources/training at the department, college and university level.  In Fall 2017, the COE Faculty voted for the COE Technology Committee to become a COE Standing Committee and to amend the COE Constitution and Bylaws accordingly.  Standing Committee Status was officially approved by the University System in late Spring 2018.  The following sections reflect the amendment to the COE Constitution and Bylaws. 


Committee Aims

The aims of the COE Technology Committee are noted below:

  • Process 
    • Develop education and evaluate processes used in the acquisition, maintenance, and troubleshooting of technology used in the College of Education for faculty, staff and students. 
  • Innovation   
    • Investigate, develop and acquire new technology for the teaching and training of tomorrow’s educators, administrators, clinicians, therapists and researchers. 
  • Faculty Development/Resource 
    • The committee will serve as an advocate to suggest and assist in the creation of educational resources for faculty and staff of the College of Education.  


COE Technology Committee Membership

According to |Section 5 of the COE Constitution and Bylaws, the COE Technology Committee shall consist of: 

  • one full-time faculty member from Communication Disorders, Counseling & School Psychology, Educational Administration; and two full-time faculty members from each of the larger departments Kinesiology and Sports Sciences & Teacher Education in the College of Education; 
  • one representative from College of Education Staff, and  
  • an IT representative that works with the College of Education 
  • No department chair or administrator may serve on this committee. 

Current Committee Members

  • Communication Disorders
    • Philip Lau
  • Counseling and School Psychology
    • Doug Tillman
  • Education Administration
    • Ken Nelson
  • Kinesiology and Sport Sciences
    • Bryce Abbey
    • Kazuma Akehi
  • Teacher Education
    • Phu Vu
    • Brian Wojcik
  • College of Education Staff
    • Sarah Bartling
  • IT Representative who Works with the COE
    • Shawn Leinemann
  • Ex-Officio
    • Deb Schroeder
    • Sherry Crow, Dean's Office Representative 

COE Technology Committee Members are elected during the first COE Faculty Meeting of the academic year.  Members are full-time faculty members and, once elected, serve a 3-year term. When a vacancy occurs in the membership of a committee, the Dean if the College of Education shall appoint a replacement to fill the remainder of the academic year. The vacancy will be filled for a full term through elections for committee membership held at the first meeting Faculty meeting of the academic year. The replacement must be selected in accordance with the committee structure.  


COE Technology Committee Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the committee are: 

  1. to review and identify policies and procedures related to technology which effect the College of Education’s students and faculty, to make recommendations to the appropriate faculty, academic and administrative units, or the Dean of needed changes and/or new policies 
  2. to create/review policies regarding technology in College of Education for presentation to the Faculty
  3. to recommend to the Faculty and the Dean proposed College of Education policies concerning technology
  4. to plan for future technology needs of the faculty and students in the College of Education
  5. to review the appropriations of technology funds for items over $500 
  6. The committee shall meet a minimum of once a month during the academic year. 


COE Technology Committee Agendas

Agendas are published prior to each COE Technology Committee Meeting.  Any member of the COE may suggest items for inclusion on meeting agendas.  To make a suggestion, please email the COE Technology Committee.  To view past and current meeting agendas, please link to the COE Technology Committee Agendas Folder.  Please note that agendas may only be viewed by individuals who are members of the UNK Community and have corresponding UNK Credentials (i.e., UNK email and password.).


COE Technology Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are published after each COE Technology Committee Meeting.    To view past and current meeting minutes, please link to the COE Technology Committee Meeting Minutes Folder.  Please note that meeting minutes may only be viewed by individuals who are members of the UNK Community and have corresponding UNK Credentials (i.e., UNK email and password.).


Contact the COE Technology Committee

Please feel free to reach out to the COE Technology Committee with ideas or suggestions related to any of the Committee's AimsProcess, Innovation, and/or Faculty Development/Resources.  Please either contact a Committee Member who serves on the Committee or complete the Idea or Suggestion Submission Form.