Submission of Assessment Reports

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    • The current cycle (2013-2014) is now the current academic year and is open for users to enter data for the current academic year.
    • It is still possible to go back and edit 2012-13 information if necessary, but an additional step will need to be taken with each edit to assure that changes are saved and carried forward:
      • When editing an Outcome/Objective or a Measure/Finding from 2012-2013, all the way at the bottom right above the SAVE button is a box entitled Copy Edits Forward.
      • Click on Select Fields and select all of the Fields to Copy.
      • Then click on 2013-2014 for Cycles to Update.
      • By clicking on the green checked Save box, these edits will be saved not only in the year being edited but in 2013-2014 as well.

  • Assessment Report Rubric (.pdf)

  • Learning Outcomes Checklist (.pdf)

  • Deadlines
         November 1 - Department/Program Annual Assessment reports due
         February 15 - Roll report data in WEAVEonline to open reporting for next academic year