General Studies Transfer Courses

Many UNK transfer students start their educational career at a 2-year or community college. To help plan a smooth transition to UNK after attending one of these institutions, we offer a few guides. These are great tools to help plan your coursework at partnering community colleges in Nebraska to make your transfer experience smoother. This information is updated regularly so if you have questions about any courses not listed under your institution, or your institution does not have a GUIDES link, please contact the Registrar's Office at or 308-865-8527.

Many area community college courses transfer to UNK and satisfy General Studies requirements. You can view a detailed list of such courses for each college in the UNK Transfer Guide. In the Transfer Guide below, find your current institution and select GUIDES. General Studies Guides

Once GUIDES is selected, click on the arrow button to the left of the guide you would like to view.

EQ Guides List

A list of course equivalencies between the chosen institution and UNK will be listed. The equivalencies will be grouped by General Studies category.