Non-Traditional Credit

Credit earned through non-traditional methods, including CLEP, AP, departmental test-out, retroactive credit, correspondence study, military credit, and non-collegiate instructional programs, is limited to a maximum of 45 hours, applicable to the student's degree program. Limits have also been established within each of the areas, as defined below.

Students who achieve a satisfactory score on any of the following exams, CLEP, AP, Departmental Test-Out or Retroactive Credit, may have corresponding course credit recorded on their UNK transcript. When score reports are received by the Office of University Registrar, students are notified of their options for receiving credit.

CLEP- College Level Examination Program -30 hours

  • Students may earn credit by successfully passing a nationally standardized exam in a specific subject area.  
  • CLEP credits may not be used to fulfill upper-division requirements.
  • CLEP Testing Information

 AP- Advanced Placement- 30 hours

Talented high school students may participate in national examinations administered by the College Entrance Examination Board. Credit can be earned in college-level courses when the student achieves a passing score on the exam.  

Departmental Test-Out -15 hours

Students may receive credit for successfully demonstrating competency in a particular course through a proficiency exam. Academic departments assume responsibility for developing and administering such exams. 

Retroactive Credit  - 15 hours

Students entering UNK with a particularly high level of achievement in a given subject area, may be awarded credit upon completion of a "confirming" course at UNK. Certain restrictions apply. 

Military Credit - 15 hours

Matriculated student veterans may receive a maximum of four credit hours for basic training and additional credit hours for advanced individual training as recommended by the ACE Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Credit in the Armed Services and approved by UNK. To receive credit, students should bring a copy of their DD-214 Form to the Veterans Office in the Financial Aid Office located in the Student Affairs Building, and request a Joint Services Transcript to be sent to the Financial Aid Office and also to the Office of Student Records and Registration for evaluation of credit and application to the student's record.

Correspondence Courses -12 hours

No more than 12 hours of correspondence credit may be applied to a bachelor’s degree.

Other forms of experiential learning will be evaluated on an individual basis. Students will be required to provide verification of content, duration, method of evaluation, etc. Credit may be granted upon recommendation of an academic department.