Billing (Pinnacle)

Pinnacle is a web-based billing and service management system that helps departments manage telecommunications services more effectively. Pinnacle provides on-demand access to service records, usage detail, and expense reports. 

Billing Schedule

Bill Cycle: 1st - end of month

Bill Cycle Run Date: 24th of month

Date Invoice Notification Sent: 25th of month


How to Access and Read Your Bill

Understanding Charges in SAP


Valid / current NUID and submission of approved Access Request form.

Access Request Instructions:

  1. Download and complete the ITS Billing Services User request form
  2. Return the completed form with appropriate signatures to

Billing & Rates

Current prices for landline services are provided below. Information about cellular service and pricing can be found at  Detailed billing statements and service records are available in Pinnacle.”

Landline Services

Monthly Recurring Charges
Type Description Amount
Centrex-Admin Administrative analog service. Limited applicability for special equipment (e.g., fax machines, legacy conference phones). $21.50
Centrex-Res Residential analog service. $5.00
VoIP-Softphone VoIP service with softphone (Jabber). $18.00
VoIP-7841 VoIP service with 7841 phone. $21.50
VoIP-8851 VoIP service with 8851 phone. $26.50
VoIP-Other VoIP service is available in many combinations. Email for more information. $$$

Usage Charges
Type Description Amount*
Directory assistance Calls to 411 directory assistance service. $1.50-$2.00/call
Domestic long distance Calls outside the local calling area. $.026/min
International long distance Calls outside the contiguous United States. Rates vary

*USF fees apply to most usage charges. FUSF on long distance appears as a separate charge; NUSF is combined.

Move, Add, Change (MAC) Charges
Service Description Amount*
Centrex Centrex MAC requests are performed by the local telco Frontier. Charges can total from $14 - $106. up to $106
VoIP VoIP MAC requests are performed by ITS staff. Charges range from $10 - 25 depending on complexity. $10-25
Other Certain requests do not incur a charge. These include voicemail passcode resets and service disconnect orders. $0


Visit for more information on surcharges and taxes that may appear on your bill.