Qualtrics is a private research software company that enables users to do online data collection and analysis.

The Qualtrics Research Suite is a good choice for academic organizations. It allows organizations to perform sophisticated research in house, reducing the need to outsource to specialized firms.

All UNK faculty, staff, and students have a Qualtrics account.

Instructions to login to Qualtrics at UNK:

  1. From the UNK home page > RESOURCESUNK Services > Qualtrics > sign in with your campus user name and password.
  2. Your campus username is what comes before the @ in your campus email address.  This is the credentials that you use to access your UNK email, UNK airless, or Canvas.


Qualtrics Training & Help

  1. Register for one of our Qualtrics sessions by clicking on this link or contact Shahla Alavi (shahla.alavi@nebraska.edu).
  2. Online Training Program.