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The Health Promotion Office is dedicated to providing engaging and educational programming on various health topics. We are committed to ensuring that students gain the necessary skills and knowledge to make safe and positive health decisions in the future. This office advises the Peer Health Educators, an official UNK student organization, this group is comprised of motivated students passionate about promoting wellness on campus.

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Exercise and Physical Activity – FAQs

Exercise and Physical Activity – FAQs

Many bodies of research have proven that regular exercise, of moderate to vigorous intensity, is beneficial for all ages of people (Sevil et al, 2018). Many of us have been taught the importance of physical activity (PA) from a young age. It reduces your risk of developing major illnesses and diseases such as cancers, heart disease, and diabetes (NHS, 2018). Exercise develops stronger bones which becomes important as you age (yes, this already applies to us college students). PA also reduces your risk of developing depression and anxiety, and if you struggle with a mood disorder, exercise can play a major role in management (NHS,2018). Although many people almost certainly know these facts, only 1 in 3 adults gets the recommended amount of physical activity each week and 28% of Americans (6+ years) are physically inactive (HHS, 2017 ).

This office offers a variety of programming and workshops that are available to organizations, classrooms, and students upon request. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in learning more about what kind of educational efforts we can do for you. Simply submit a Program Request located on the right hand side of this screen, and we will gladly be in contact.  If you are a student and are interested in becoming a Peer Health Educator, please take some time to get acquainted with our resources found on this page. If interested in applying, the application can be found within the Peer Health Educators tab on the right.