"As a new employee, Leadership UNK was a great venue to get to know others and more about the university system. It was a valuable experience and I recommend it to both new employees and veterans." - Carrie L. Stithem

"As a UNK Alumni, I thought I knew everything about UNK. However, Leadership UNK opened my eyes to many new people, ideas, and opportunities that I did not know existed on our campus and our NE system as a whole. We work at a great institution and Leadership UNK provided me with the opportunity to learn more about UNK and to also grow as a UNK employee." - Brette Ensz

"An action-oriented, crash course designed to help participants understand their leadership strengths and weaknesses. A 360 degree view of leadership at UNK." - Jon Watts

"I wanted to improve my leadership skills. After each session I find myself thinking about how much I have learned and how I can apply what I have learned to my professional and personal life. Leadership UNK has definitely been worth my time and effort and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about how the University system and specifically how UNK is run as well as improve their leadership skills." - Michelle Smidt

"Being a part of Leadership UNK was a great learning experience. It gave me an opportunity to learn more about different areas of campus and the university system and how they work together. It has also been a wonderful chance to network and build friendships with other UNK employees." - Julie Smith

"Leadership UNK provides a learning environment that will broaden your perspective and deepen your connectedness to the UNK community." - Tiffany Tarvestad