UNK Writing Style Guide

Writers and editors who develop written material for a variety of outlets—magazines, brochures, Websites, ads, posters, and more – should be aware of writing style, tone, and voice, and best practices in how to write for the outlet and audience you’re targeting. Accuracy and consistency in how we present information about the university, such as the proper and correct names buildings (Nebraskan Union, Warner Hall), spellings, addresses, dates, and references to majors, colleges and programs helps build audience recognition, understanding and clarity.

In particular, please note references to UNK. In written communication, the full name, University of Nebraska at Kearney, should be spelled out when the university is first mentioned or cited. Subsequent references should cite “the university” or UNK. Notice university is not capitalized. Even though it is referring to UNK, it is not a proper name and is not capitalized. (AP Style).

The AP Style guide is based on the standard for news media, the Associated Press Stylebook, (the so-called "Journalists’ Bible"), which is used by most mainstream U.S. and some international media, primarily newspapers and magazines, because of its emphasis on readability and consistency in spellings, grammar and punctuation. Because many of our works, copy or stories written about the university are eventually sent or placed with news media outlets as news releases, the AP style is a useful style for all to employ. Not APA or Chicago Manual of Style; not other academic styles.

In web writing, keep in mind search-engine optimization. It’s best to spell out University of Nebraska at Kearney high up on the page, especially in close relation to your primary search term: “At University of Nebraska at Kearney’s Department of Biology…” Thereafter, use UNK.

Do NOT put UNK in parenthesis after University of Nebraska at Kearney. NEVER do this: “University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK).” Similarly, initials or acronyms do not go in parenthesis after the full reference: NOT: College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). Simply place the full reference in your copy/sentence, then pick up the acronym or initials afterward. Your reader will get it.

Common rules in writing: