Stationery Update

To address business realities, create brand distinction and alignment, and save dollars, the campus communication offices have refreshed the stationery designs across the system, with an intentional shift to highlight each campus icon. The NU stationery has not been touched in over a decade and doesn’t accommodate the University’s business needs—including shared or dual roles across campuses. Potential savings with paper costs and usage have also been identified with better efficiencies between our campus print shops under this project.

New styles of business cards, letterhead and envelopes were introduced March 11, 2019. As you plan to reorder stock or introduce new hires, the new designs will be used beginning immediately. Please use up the stock that you have before ordering the new designs. For letterhead, our print shop also has several months’ inventory of the old design, which will need to be used up before we begin ordering the new.

Your campus print shop in Communications and Marketing is your sole source for university stationery. We work as a system to negotiate the lowest prices for large quantities of paper and offset printing of the brand elements.

None of our other practices on logos or branding have changed.