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Whether you’re looking to print, publish or copy, we provide several avenues to convey your message for maximum results. Help us to provide you with fast and efficient service.

Completing the Print Services Request Form/Publications Requisition Form

Help us give you exactly what you want how you want it by completing the request/requisition form thoroughly:

  1. Please date the form and (note when your absolute deadline is).
    This information tells us when the materials need to be completed. NOTE: ASAP could either mean "hurry" or "when you get around to it" so please write specifics dates as to when you will need your project completed.
  2. Please be accurate when completing the Department Account Number, and submit the form signed by an authorized personnel. This insures that no one is using the cost object without prior approval.
  3. Circle/Note all appropriate instructions in the space provided.
    Copies will not be collated, stapled, on special paper, two-sided, etc., unless indicated. If requesting colored paper, circle boldly or highlight the specific color. Again, help us help you.


  • Please indicate if you would prefer a quote prior to printing/copying.
  • Printing will not occur until requester signs a final proof sheet.
  • Print Centers can offer final proofs upon request.

You can submit files for printing or copying through the following avenues:

  1. Email: Attach and email your projects directly to the Print Center (
  2. Send via Campus mail: (Allow for several days if you use this option.)
  3. Pick-up/Delivery: Contact us for delivery time and locations or with special needs/requests