Glenn Tracy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Office: COE B158   |    Phone: (308) 865-8821   |    Email:

Glenn Tracy, Ph.D.


Ed.D., Oklahoma State University (1989)
Curriculum and Instruction - ESL

M.A., Truman State University (1980)
English (Comparative Literature)

B.S., Truman State University (1978)
Social Science/Spanish

Joined UNK Faculty: 1999

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I collect books about baseball,  religion, literature, and  medieval history.  Many books I have are autographed copies by famous scientists, actors, poets and sports figures including Jane Goodall, Jim Barnes (Native-American poet),  James Tate (Pulitzer Prize winning poet),  Kirk Douglas, and Buck O’Neill (former Negro Leagues manager). Theoretical physics including the “string theory” has caught  my imagination lately.   I enjoy thinking about  things that most people never bother with whether its theology, physics, morality, or  cryptozoology.  Our culture now tries to crush our innate originality and creativity.  As teachers we must not betray our students to this  juggernaut  of standards, high-stakes  testing, and mediocrity.   The wisdom of other cultures can save us.  I see immigration as a stimulating and healthy force in our culture.  I believe the following:  “You cannot begin to appreciate another culture unless you can see beauty in it.  Our goal as teachers is to help our students see this beauty in other cultures as well as in our own.”