What is Construction Management?

Construction is an increasingly complex industry, and all construction projects need individuals with management and leadership expertise. From hospitals to homes to schools to dams, the need for functional and sustainable buildings and infrastructure is vital to everyday life, and construction managers are the leaders in the increasingly fast-paced and high-tech construction industry.

UNK construction management students go on a site visitConstruction Managers (CMs) work in collaborative teams that transform design ideas into built realities. Working with owners, designers, engineers, and craft partners, construction management teams oversee construction projects' planning, coordination, budgeting, and supervision from inception to completion.

The breadth of knowledge required within modern construction firms is vast, and the need for individuals from diverse backgrounds, interests, and experiences has never been greater. As such, construction management is a great career choice for individuals who enjoy working with dynamic teams to solve practical problems and create a more sustainable world.

In addition to overseeing and managing the building process, many construction management firms are increasingly involved in building design and planning stages. From target value design to constructability reviews to virtual design and construction services, construction management firms offer owners and designers valuable services at every step of the design and construction process.

Construction Management students pose for a group photo at a construction siteUNK's Construction Management program is a four-year accredited degree program designed to help graduates develop the foundational technical knowledge and people skills needed to make an impact as professional construction managers. Under the guidance of dedicated Construction Management faculty with extensive industry and academic experience, students are taught industry best practices, which are reinforced by experiential and hands-on learning, including lab classes and paid, full-time internships.

Construction Management courses integrate business, engineering, and construction concepts, which include finance, communications, estimating, scheduling, safety, and project management. Additionally, students have ample opportunities to network with industry professionals and to develop through student leadership opportunities and competition teams.

With one of the highest placement rates and starting salaries of any major at UNK, Construction Management is an excellent degree for individuals looking for an exciting and rewarding career.